Learning English with Stories

a 6-week guided book club for beginning and low-intermediate speakers of English

Are you looking for the courage to speak English?

In Learning English with Stories, you will begin to feel more confident speaking English. I invite you to a welcoming, friendly space online where beginning speakers can read and talk about stories and share their ideas.

What is Learning English with Stories?

Imagine having fun speaking English with no pressure to speak perfect English! You enjoy reading and thinking about a story, and then when you get together online you know what you want to say. Everyone is happy to see you. You can understand everyone, and you can talk with a new friend!

Learning English with Stories is a 6-week guided book club for beginning and low-intermediate speakers of English.

You read an interesting story in English (20 minutes a week), and think about the
discussion questions. You can write answers to questions if you want.

You meet online once a week to talk about the book and share your ideas.

Why join Learning English with Stories?

Find the courage to speak English

Communicate your ideas more clearly

Feel more confident talking with native speakers

Improve your reading in English

“I feel more confident speaking with native speakers.”

“At the beginning I lacked confidence speaking English. I couldn’t speak full sentences without stuttering. I was so worried about my pronunciation and my accent… Sarah motivated us to speak and express ourselves freely and without feeling shy from our mistakes. Gradually I started speaking more and not worried about making mistakes. Sarah was so kind and patient. By the end of the course I felt more confident in both reading and speaking with the native

Fadwa (Sudan)

Why does Learning English with Stories work?

Learning English with Stories is for you if:

How do I decide which level is right for me?



How the program works

#1 Your weekly email

Each week, I send you an email with a Google doc with a link to our online Zoom meeting.  

The Google doc has links to the reading for the week, a recording of the reading, discussion questions, and questions to help you think about the story and use the vocabulary.

#2 Our meeting

We meet with Zoom. I create a friendly, welcoming time for you in the group. 

  • We all say hello and then I teach a little about reading, vocabulary, or speaking. 
  • We talk about one discussion question all together. 
  • You have at least 25 minutes to talk in smaller groups about the story and the discussion questions.

What other book club members say

“I feel less nervous speaking English”

“I felt shy about speaking English in front of people… By attending the club, I enjoyed talking with classmates with different cultures and countries. Studying with other people made me feel less nervous. My favorite part of the class was discussing different topics each week. Sarah prepared a lot of material to help us, and we also had a friendly studying atmosphere. We can help each other.” 

Yuqi (China)

“Talking about the book we read together made me feel more comfortable communicating in English.”

“I didn’t know my English level exactly. So I was worried that I would not understand conversation in English or keep up with the class. This program helped me feel more comfortable to communicate with other people in English by talking about the book that we read together and our related experiences. I also could learn new vocabulary and expressions.”

Min Su (South Korea)

About your instructor

I enjoy giving adult learners a small-group experience in a relaxed, welcoming, online space.

Anyone who can read a little can learn more English and find their words – no matter where they start from.  

For more than 30 years, I’ve helped adults from all over the world gain confidence and skill with speaking, reading, listening and writing in English. Working with beginning learners to help them gain confidence with English is what makes my heart sing!

Learning English With Stories

Online Book Club



Contact me for more information. Thank you!

You will get:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know when the next book club will meet?

When you contact me, I will email you back to ask you what times work for you.

If you know 2 or more people who want to sign up and meet for class at a time that works for everyone, I can start a new group just for you.

Q: Will a recording of the online meeting be available?

Because you will be in small groups for at least half of each session, I am not able to record your conversations. 

Q: How much time does it take to get ready for the club meeting every week?

The minimum time is about 20 minutes. If you complete comprehension questions, look up vocabulary, or write an optional summary to share with your conversation partner, it will be longer.  (I will teach everyone how to write a summary and response because  many of the people in a book club like to do this).

Q: How is Learning English with Stories different from other programs?

Learning English with Stories is for high beginning to low-intermediate level learners. Most programs are for higher level students.

The stories are easy to read and you always have something to talk about.

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